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Arts Based Elementary School

A North Carolina Public Charter School

1380 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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Faculty and Staff


2007-2008 Faculty & Staff

name   ext.   email position
Adams, Jan   1027   [email protected] Dance Teacher
Benjamin, Dawanna   1085   [email protected] Teaching Assistant
Best, Shannon   1027   [email protected] 5th Grade Teacher
Brendle, Scott   1006   [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Broughton, Jessica   1008   [email protected] 2nd Grade Teacher
Cox, Robin   1078   [email protected] Teaching Assistant
David, Allison    1018   [email protected] Music Teacher
Deal, Payton   1014   [email protected] First Grade Teacher
Edwards, Alicia   1075   [email protected] Teaching Assistant
Farrell, Lee Ann   1020   [email protected] 2nd Grade Teacher
Fish, Beth   1082   [email protected] Teaching Assistant
Fogg, Angela   1081   [email protected] Teaching Assistant
Green, Liz   1007   [email protected] Second Grade Teacher
Hillyer, Marjorie   1010   [email protected] 3rd Grade Teacher
Hollis, Robin   1001   [email protected] Principal
Holmes, Heather   1005   [email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Howell, Analda   1019   [email protected] 4th Grade Teacher
Johnson, Rosemary   1029   [email protected] Literacy Corp Volunteer
Keenan, Mary   1013   [email protected] 1st Grade Teacher
Kyle, Staci   1004   [email protected] Assistant Principal
Lang, Whitney   1025   [email protected] EC Teacher
Lybarker, Stephanie   1023   [email protected] Executive Assistant
Maready, Karen   1084   [email protected] School Nurse
McErlain, Dr. Eileen   1003   [email protected] Speech Therapist
McGuire, Ceci   1083   [email protected] Reading Specialist
Meeks, Renee   1011   [email protected] 3rd Grade Teacher
Perry, Brian   1015   [email protected] Visual Arts Teacher
Powers, Aimee   1012   [email protected] First Grade Teacher
Siebert, Mary   1002   [email protected] Arts Curriculum Coordinator
Simpson, Lenora   1021   [email protected] Third Grade Teacher
Sink, Scarlet   1009   [email protected] 1st Grade Teacher
Sturgill, Evelyn   1076   [email protected] Teaching Assistant
Whitaker, Nicole   1079   [email protected] Teaching Assistant
Wilbur, Peter   1028   [email protected] 5th Grade Teacher
Wise, Angela   1000   [email protected] Business Manager