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Welcome to the
Arts Based Elementary School

A North Carolina Public Charter School

1380 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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Faculty and Staff


2007-2008 Faculty & Staff

name   ext.   email position
Adams, Jan   1027 Dance Teacher
Benjamin, Dawanna   1085 Teaching Assistant
Best, Shannon   1027 5th Grade Teacher
Brendle, Scott   1006 Kindergarten Teacher
Broughton, Jessica   1008 2nd Grade Teacher
Cox, Robin   1078 Teaching Assistant
David, Allison    1018 Music Teacher
Deal, Payton   1014 First Grade Teacher
Edwards, Alicia   1075 Teaching Assistant
Farrell, Lee Ann   1020 2nd Grade Teacher
Fish, Beth   1082 Teaching Assistant
Fogg, Angela   1081 Teaching Assistant
Green, Liz   1007 Second Grade Teacher
Hillyer, Marjorie   1010 3rd Grade Teacher
Hollis, Robin   1001 Principal
Holmes, Heather   1005 Kindergarten Teacher
Howell, Analda   1019 4th Grade Teacher
Johnson, Rosemary   1029 Literacy Corp Volunteer
Keenan, Mary   1013 1st Grade Teacher
Kyle, Staci   1004 Assistant Principal
Lang, Whitney   1025 EC Teacher
Lybarker, Stephanie   1023 Executive Assistant
Maready, Karen   1084 School Nurse
McErlain, Dr. Eileen   1003 Speech Therapist
McGuire, Ceci   1083 Reading Specialist
Meeks, Renee   1011 3rd Grade Teacher
Perry, Brian   1015 Visual Arts Teacher
Powers, Aimee   1012 First Grade Teacher
Siebert, Mary   1002 Arts Curriculum Coordinator
Simpson, Lenora   1021 Third Grade Teacher
Sink, Scarlet   1009 1st Grade Teacher
Sturgill, Evelyn   1076 Teaching Assistant
Whitaker, Nicole   1079 Teaching Assistant
Wilbur, Peter   1028 5th Grade Teacher
Wise, Angela   1000 Business Manager